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Navigational Buoys & Data Buoys

We manufacture all kinds of IALA ‘A’ and ‘B’ compliant navigational buoys with diameters between 100 – 4800mm that can be moored in waters up to 3000m.

Data buoys platforms for measurement of meteorological, oceanographic and water quality parameters.

Automatic Weather Stations

Automatic Weather Stations for monitoring of parameters such as wind speed/ direction, sea surface/ air temperature, relative humidity, pressure, precipitation, visibility, and other required oceanographic/ meteorological parameters.

Groundwater & Inland Water Stations

Monitoring stations for automated measurement of boreholes, open wells, water levels of rivers, inland water bodies and groundwater.

Monitoring Stations for Coastal/ Offshore Platforms & Vessels

Monitoring stations for water quality parameters, oceanographic parameters like tides, waves, water current profiling and general weather parameters.

Ocean monitoring systems for offshore platforms, oil terminals or SPM buoys.

Offshore Data Buoys

Data buoys platforms for measurement of meteorological, oceanographic and water quality parameters.

Offshore Platforms & Vessels

Ocean monitoring systems for offshore platforms, oil terminals or SPM buoys.

Air Quality & Emission Monitoring

Air Quality Analysers, emission monitoring devices, quality control and data storage, statistical analysis and comparison, GIS system interface based on our extensive experience in geodetic and field survey.

Database Management System

We have a database application optimized for storing and querying data that represents objects within a geometric space. This centralized database offers long-term archiving, reporting and its data serve as input parameters for modelling system and GIS applications. Real-time data, data history and early warnings can therefore be presented on demand to help decision makers to plan marine transport, industrial operations, or environmental protection activities. Advanced architectural design and algorithms assures data security and conform to OpenGIS Consortium (OGC) mapping standards.

This software is being used for data management of hydrographic data comprising multibeam, single beam, side scan, magnetometer, grab sampling inputs. This customized system handles multiple survey data simultaneously

Survey and Management Suite

Intended primarily for marine hydrographic survey purpose, This manages entire activities in survey operations and survey data collection. The application is featured with Multiuser roles, User Management, Vessel Management, Live Survey planning, User Authentication, Remote access, Report Management, Project Planning, Project Status, Document management, multi-tier submission approval system, etc.

Web & Mobile Applications

We offer fully customisable web & mobile applications that can be interfaced with customer provided external interfaces.

Augmented Reality Training & Interactive Documentation

Our products are designed ground up to use advanced technology Augmented Reality (AR) training packages and Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM). These technologies not only make training realistic, but also reduce maintenance costs due to ease of simulation and possible remote access.

Environmental Monitoring System

Our software provides a customized solution for collection, integration, and processing of marine meteorological, air quality, and water quality data. The system delivers accurate data for display in real-time. This software is instrument and transmission independent and hence can be used flexibly and comprehensively within most applicable environments.
- Secure database system.
- Various dashboards for data visualization and analysis.
- Time series plots.
- Data export in MS Word, Excel, PDF or customer defined format.

Analytical Tool

A powerful analytical tool that allows analysis of tidal measurements, calculation of harmonic contents, incorporation of wind speed, wind direction and barometric pressure data and produces tide prediction based on harmonic analysis with advanced surge suppression and extreme measurement values. The software features full data QA/ QC intelligent design, spike removal, interpolation over allowable gaps, ‘flat lines’ removal, datum and time (clock) shifts along with full record of changes. It can choose harmonics automatically or user can input pre-chosen list that has 112 built-in harmonics based on the UKHO/ IHO set; there is no limit to number that can be added to meet local requirements. It can analyze any number of points over any length time period (not limited to 18.6 years) in a few seconds. This software automatically chooses most appropriate scheme that can be overridden by user after inspection of spectrum and residuals. It automatically computes MHHW, MHW, MLLW, MLW, MSL, HAT, LAT, MHWS, MHWN, MLWS, MLWN, ISHW, ISLW, and trend during analysis.

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